Anybets is a new and inclusive method of peer-to-peer wagering that gives the power back to the users. By giving users the ability to define the bets, negotiate odds, and determine outcomes independently, Anybets support bets across pop culture, finance, current events, and more.

How it works

Discover Bets

Browse through available bets proposed by the Anybets community and find the ones that are meaningful to you!

Make your own Bets

If you can't find a bet, propose your own! You have the ability to propose any bet, the odds, and timelines.

Negotiate Odds

If you like a bet, but think the odds should be different, make an offer! The bet owner can choose to accept or deny it.

Settle Bets

Outcomes are determined by consensus of both parties, but don't worry! Anybets is there to help settle any discrepencies.

Why Anybets?

Anybets was designed to revolutionize the betting industry by making it universally accessible and inclusively designed, ensuring everyone can participate and engage freely.

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Need help?

Frequently Asked Questions

While we encourage our users to be creative in their bets, we want to encourage a safe and comfortable environment for our users. If a proposed bet goes against our community or legal guidelines we will remove the bet and void wagers.

Anybets will comply with local laws in jurisdictions where it operates. Users are responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with their local betting laws.

On Anybets, the odds are determined by the users themselves. You have the freedom to negotiate odds directly with other users based on your assessments and preferences.

Anybets has a clear dispute resolution process to handle any disagreements between users about bet outcomes. Our system ensures fairness and transparency in resolving disputes.

Anybets plans on charging a small fee on winnings to facilitate the platform's operations and services. Detailed fee structures are available in our Terms of Service.

Stay Tuned

Anybets is currently in development, but if you would like to stay in the loop on the latest, please subscribe to our newsletter!